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Changes From Ladder Play

Matches are played for record only. There are no ladder ranks. There is no skill rating algorithm. Skill ratings are no longer awarded. There are no trophies. There are no rivalries. There is nothing but record and statistics on your profile. As a ladder, we are shut down. Think of this as more of a league with a record book.

The Legacy Season

Legacy is the final season of DCL. There are no core levels associated with the season, but you may roll from the core list from any season (or even all seasons at once) if you use the random level selector.

The Retired Rating

Everyone has the skill rating 'retired'. This is intended to be used by pilots who do not regularly play competitively and do not wish to defend a rating. Matches played against a retired pilot are scored as wins and losses vs. retired.

Worn Ratings

If you feel you are up to your old competitive level and wish to put the win on the line, you may wear any rating you used to hold. On your edit profile page, you can select it, and will wear it for any matches you play after it has been selected. A pilot who beats you while you are wearing gold will receive a gold win on their legacy profile. If two pilots wear a rating, even if it is not the highest one they held, the match will update regular DCL lifetime statistics, rather than legacy statistics.

Historical Features

We have added many features to the site to preserve Descent history. In some cases, we are hosting partial history from previous ladders (IDL and UDL) - it is linked to your profile, and you may even feature matches. Talk to an admin if a link has gone missing, and we can fill it in. In some cases, we have features to preserve and annotate Descent history. You may enter a comment on any pilot's profile to describe your memories of them on DCL. In some cases, we have exposed things which used to be secret: the skill ratings are preserved by season and available for public viewing. Click around. Preserving legacy is our central purpose now.