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Sunday, September 17
Home D1 junior with vulcan Home
2017-9-17 19:29
# 3Jediluke20 1Leto_II# 20
1 suicide
"gg" "gg, jedi"
Home D1 Salute Home
2017-9-17 18:41
# 8Lady Silver20 18Maestro# 14
4 suicides
"GG, yes it should :) Very good comeback at the end. I feel like I should have been able to shut this down at 20 - 15, but you held on fiercely. I was afraid you were going to take me to overtime!" "GG, despite all my whining I think I might have enjoyed myself! Should happen more than once every two years :)"
Home D1 Ascend Home
2017-9-17 17:48
# 7Morf20 14Hyper# 9
"YOUR SACRIFICE APPEASES ME." "GG - been a while! Thanks for making it a swift death."
Home D1 Last Conflict Home
2017-9-17 17:31
# 1Mark39220 1Leto_II# 20
1 suicide
"Great game, my friend! I love Tyranny's maps! LastC is my fav! GG!" "gg, Mark, nice trying out these levels I've never played before - they were really fun. I'm always hungry for more."
Home D1 Audacity Home
2017-9-17 17:28
# 9Lady Silver21 19Hyper# 8
3 suicides
"It is rather cozy *settles* GG!" "jhsguiasdhfgysdgafy! I didnt like that spot much anyway!! GG =)!"
Home D1 Raziel Home
2017-9-17 17:29
# 1Mark39220 3Leto_II# 20
1 suicide
"Great game, bro! Great level, thanks for playing it! Thanks Tyranny!" "gg, Mark"
Home D1 ascend Home
2017-9-17 17:07
# 14Maestro20 9caniplaydad# 18
"GG caniplay." "gg... good aggression you had me hurting .. "
Home D1 Purple Home
2017-9-17 16:53
# 12Hyper20 10Lady Silver# 8
"Good to play you again! I may have angled a bit, but i'll take it :). Fun match!" "When you said purple I didn't know you meant PURPLE! ;) Some very good shots in there, Hyper, well played!"
Home D1 logic Home
2017-9-17 15:03
# 17Swarthy20 13caniplaydad# 18
4 suicides
"GG Cani! Again with the lead. Good mix of aggressive surprises and slothiness. That last kill, i think I actually caught you by surprise for once. " "gg... my friend... nice final kill... I'm not hungry anymore thanx to that smart.."
Home D1 audacity Home
2017-9-17 14:21
-Swarthy20 15caniplaydad# 17
"GG! YOU are a hard one to hit. Cani was in the lead for the beginning and maded me work a 3 point deficit to catch up! well played sir." "gg.... you are a hard one to hit... hmmm now I need to figure that out... nice to play you again"
Home D1 audacity Home
2017-9-17 2:32
# 16roncli20 10caniplaydad# 17
1 suicide
"GG! I got a bunch of lucky smarts especially early on, but I felt I avoided a lot of dangerous situations this game, too." "gg... you have my number in this map... well done.. have to get more game with you some other time.. thanx for playing.."
Home D1 black rose Home
2017-9-17 2:05
# 17roncli20 12caniplaydad# 16
2 suicides
"GG! I got off a few shots I liked that game. :)" "gg... nice fusion as always it is my weakness "
Home D1 Barathrum Home
2017-9-17 1:54
# 14Maestro20 15Lee# 15
2 suicides
"My name is Ass Butt, you killed my father, prepare to die" "its just as well we played barathrum, your ass wouldnt have fit anywhere else...maybe revamped tho gg"
Home D1 Logic2 Home
2017-9-17 1:31
# 17roncli20 11Code# 18
"GG! I felt more in control of that one this time." "Well, this concludes our last game! lol GG man "
Home D1 Flea Home
2017-9-17 1:28
# 1Mark39220 7Lady Silver# 8
1 suicide
"Great game! I love that level! Very well played!" "I called it home for a reason ;) GGs"
Home D1 I Don't Know Home
2017-9-17 1:10
# 7Morf20 14Lee# 15
"GG, Lee. Solid play there." "nicely done morf, was very enjoyable with nice aggressive fights gg"
Home D1 Neptune Home
2017-9-17 1:13
# 17roncli20 17Code# 18
"GG! This was not an easy fight. I felt I played decently, but your execution was brutal." "GG man! i love our games!"
Home D1 Salute Home
2017-9-17 1:03
# 1Mark39220 3Lady Silver# 8
1 suicide
"Great game! I had to cover that cost out of pocket... I'll be taking that out of your hull sometime..." "I had one kill in there that I can be proud of - I hope your insurance covers windshields =) GG"
Home D1 Droids Home
2017-9-17 1:00
# 1Mark39220 4Lady Silver# 8
2 suicides
"Great game, LS! Well played! Droids is pretty cool, imo ;)" "These are not the levels we're looking for!"
Home D1 Nocturnal Home
2017-9-17 0:49
# 11LotharBot20 17Maestro# 14
"so good! I love Descent!" "Nice as always, good game and interesting talk"
Home D1 I don't know Home
2017-9-17 0:44
# 22roncli20 12Code# 17
1 suicide
"GG! This was 7-7 at one point, I was scared." "Gg man the start was stable somehow you took over the game! oh wait... your a silver! jk GG man"
Home D1 audacity Home
2017-9-17 0:41
# 7Morf20 10caniplaydad# 16
1 suicide
"ANYONE'S GREATEST SUCCESS AGAINST ME IS TO GET ME TO CH8SE THEM." "gg... I charge you too much... one day I will stop ... but not today"
Home D1 nysa Home
2017-9-17 0:25
# 7Morf20 7caniplaydad# 16
3 suicides
"IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SHORTER IF YOU'D JUST HOLD STILL!" "gg... this didn't take as long as i thought it would.. "
Home D1 Rie2mann Home
2017-9-17 0:18
# 15Lee20 11roncli# 22
3 suicides
"gg roncli, you have a great ass :)" "GG! Forgot why I don't like playing overseas. Also forgot the main dogfight room blinds me, couldn't find a shot to save me."
Home D1 Droids Home
2017-9-17 0:21
# 1Mark39220 12Drakona# 9
2 suicides
""He drives like a maniac"? Great game, Drak! Tons of fun!!" "2 Kings 9:20 crossed my mind midgame."
Home D1 Crimson Home
2017-9-17 0:15
# 14Maestro20 7Code# 17
2 suicides
"GG, or I changed something up... hmm..." "Gg man I dont know if i had issues focusing or i was off my game entirely, regardless Gg man you played great! "
Home D1 Logic x4 Home
2017-9-17 0:10
# 4Jediluke20 1bahamut# 3
3 suicides
"thnx man, but you are the GOAT in my eyes! gg" "amazing gameplay #1 gg best player"
Saturday, September 16
Home D1 Flea Home
2017-9-16 22:40
# 8Morf23 21Lady Silver# 7
2 suicides
"<3 What a delightful performance! <3" "<3 Adrenaline. My heart started pounding. My hands were shaking by the end of the game. Good times. <3"
Home D1 Audicity Home
2017-9-16 22:11
# 21caniplaydad20 12Code# 16
"gg... you said you wanted to gauge if you had gotten better or not... I think you have if that helps.." "I usually avoid this map but i said any map... GG tho"
Home D1 KILLBOX Home
2017-9-16 22:02
# 5Vainiac20 17bahamut# 2
"wp bahamut" "good showing vainiac, spreadfest 2k17, you know my weakness"
Home D1 Skunked Home
2017-9-16 21:51
# 5Vainiac20 14Lee# 15
"gg, always fun fight lee" "nice highly aggressive fights in the dogroom, good control too man gg"
Home D1 razor Home
2017-9-16 21:50
# 16Code20 16Leto_II# 17
"GG man You had me on my toes with the 3 point lead a miracle happend and i took the lead... seriously you need to chill out XD gg man... GG" "gg, Code"
Home D1 Razor Home
2017-9-16 21:35
# 5Vainiac20 12Lee# 15
2 suicides
"wp lee, im impressed with your plasma lately" "i was no match, nice sneakiness and aggression pal gg"
Home D1 Fuzed Home
2017-9-16 21:49
# 2bahamut20 9Code# 16
"great fus" "When i got the 4 kills in a row i almost cried tears of joy... thanks for the game! i really enjoy playing you!"
Home D1 Mindtrix Home
2017-9-16 21:08
# 10Phyrex20 6Code# 16
1 suicide
"GG!" "Nice obs man! GG for sure!"
Home D1 Black Rose Home
2017-9-16 19:40
# 2bahamut20 8Morf# 8
6 suicides
"gg" "Checked out. Couldn't get back into it. Very embarassing."
Home D1 pillbox x5 Home
2017-9-16 19:06
# 2bahamut21 19Jediluke# 3
6 suicides
"gg" "he had a tremendous lead and i was pulling off one of the greatest comebacks of all time only to lose via double spawn kill basically. gg"

Demo link
Home D1 Anarctic Home
2017-9-16 19:05
# 10Phyrex20 16Lee# 15
1 suicide
"GG Lee:) Were the weapons ever not stuck in an awkward spot?:D" "well played man, gg"
Home D1 hilbert Home
2017-9-16 18:49
# 14Maestro20 12Leto_II# 17
1 suicide
"GG Leto" "gg, Maestro"
Home D1 Black Rose Home
2017-9-16 17:49
# 2bahamut20 11Phyrex# 10
"GG friend" "GG!"
Home D1 Rie2mann Home
2017-9-16 18:15
# 15Lee20 11Leto_II# 17
"gg, Leto" "gg, Lee"
Home D1 Lurk Home
2017-9-16 18:15
# 8Morf20 18Maestro# 14
"IT WAS A VERY ANGRY VULCAN WITH VERY SALTY BULLETS. GG." "GG Morfod. Nice vulcan to close it out."
Home D1 i don't care Home
2017-9-16 17:23
# 4melvin20 6Leto_II# 17
"GG, GL(evel)!" "gg, melvin!"
Home D1 Salute Home
2017-9-16 0:20
# 2bahamut20 13Maestro# 14
"Great showing!" "Nice to play you again man. GG."
Home D1 Lurk Home
2017-9-16 0:00
# 8Lady Silver20 17Morf# 7
"Ok, ok, you can have your spot back, sheesh." "I AM BEFUSTICATED AND BEBOTHERED."
Friday, September 15
Home D1 Hilbert Home
2017-9-15 22:05
# 14Maestro20 11Leto_II# 17
"GG sir" "gg, Maestro"
Home D1 Logic Home
2017-9-15 21:52
# 3Jediluke20 14Vainiac# 5
5 suicides
"he got about 12 direct smart missile luck kills....had a nice lead on me early on but i was muted, calm and determined ....2nd half...dayum! just sayin'" "gg man"
Home D1 hybrids of steel Home
2017-9-15 21:37
# 14Maestro20 6Leto_II# 17
"Well, that's the first time I've ever eaten a spawn kill... for the first kill of the game, lol. GG." "gg, Maestro"
Home D1 Logic Home
2017-9-15 21:16
# 3Jediluke24 22Vainiac# 5
2 suicides
"What is interesting about this game is I genuinely feel as though I dominated the ever living shit out of you in that game. No, seriously. I destroyed you with some Godlike stuff over and over....and yet the score doesn't reflect that. Most frustrating shit I've ever personally had to deal with. Makes no sense." "gg, thanks for catching all those smarts to make me look good"

Demo link
Home D1 athena Home
2017-9-15 19:24
# 3Jediluke20 -1Leto_II# 17
3 suicides
"gg" "gg, Jedi"