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Saturday, April 29
Home D1 Vamped x2 Home
2017-4-29 23:31
# 3ERNIE39220 8Maestro# 14
"GG! Mind games are my fav. Just can't do it all the time." "Next-level stealth game. GG."
Home D1 salute Home
2017-4-29 22:02
# 6Vainiac20 12melvin# 5
"gg" "GV V!"
Home D1 Lurk Home
2017-4-29 21:41
# 6melvin23 21Vainiac# 5
"GG V" "wp melvin, you're a ninja in there"
Home D1 audacity Home
2017-4-29 21:07
# 6Vainiac20 7melvin# 5
8 suicides
"gg" "GG"
Home D1 Wyndham Home
2017-4-29 0:57
# 13Lee20 17Maestro# 14
"not for the lack of trying. gg man" "Yet again denied the opportunity to be a pain with the tickle gun. So sad. GG."
Home D1 Forte Home
2017-4-29 0:18
# 13Lee20 15Maestro# 14
Home D1 Junebug Home
2017-4-29 0:00
# 5melvin20 16Hyper# 11
1 suicide
"GG, thx for the match" "GG! Look forward to some more games"
Friday, April 28
Home D1 Niknak Home
2017-4-28 23:07
# 5melvin20 15Lee# 13
6 suicides
"Always angling for levels you hate, GG" "i have nothing clever, thought-provoking or witty to say, you played well and great comeback. always sneaky and just out of reach when i do eventually find you gg"
Home D1 Xenocide Home
2017-4-28 22:16
# 5melvin20 11Lee# 13
2 suicides
"#1 spot on lee see ell" "well played melvin, very sneaky gg"
Home D1 Salute Home
2017-4-28 21:48
# 14Maestro20 7Leto_II# 26
1 suicide
"GG man." "GG!"
Home D1 RIP Home
2017-4-28 21:28
# 13Lee20 6Leto_II# 26
1 suicide
"gg leto, thanks for the game" "GG!"
Thursday, April 27
Home D1 Ugh Home
2017-4-27 21:50
# 6Vainiac20 2Leto_II# 26
1 suicide
"gg!" "GG!"
Home D1 crimson Home
2017-4-27 21:40
# 6Vainiac20 5Leto_II# 26
1 suicide
"gg leto, had some nice fusion shots in there" "GG! Thanks!"
Home D1 RIP Home
2017-4-27 21:27
# 11Hyper20 5Leto_II# 26
1 suicide
"GG, strong start, and then... :D" "GG!"
Home D1 Hilbert Home
2017-4-27 20:51
# 11Hyper20 13Leto_II# 26
1 suicide
"Nice level, I really like the concept! GG" "GG! Thanks for doing it blind!"
Home D1 Ugh Home
2017-4-27 20:32
# 11Hyper20 9Leto_II# 26
"GG, you certainly made it intense!" "GG! Intense"
Home D1 crimson Home
2017-4-27 20:17
# 11Hyper20 5Leto_II# 26
"GG man! Played it well." "GG! I like that level"
Wednesday, April 26
Home D1 Audacity Home
2017-4-26 23:22
# 13Lee21 19Maestro# 14
1 suicide
"i would too but your ass takes up the entire bathtub :) gg" "'Scuse me while I go bathe in bleach. GG."
Home D1 Asphyxiated Home
2017-4-26 22:57
# 14Lee20 15Maestro# 13
1 suicide
"haha i thought i did you silly sausage, stop shooting me gg" "GG. You should start picking good levels like Ascend instead of this Flea/Asphyxiated dreck ;)."
Home D1 Ascend Home
2017-4-26 22:27
# 14Maestro20 16Lee# 13
"Dark horse by a technicality, more like silver-silver eh? GG." "Jammy f***** :) gg"
Home D1 Flea Home
2017-4-26 22:02
# 15Lee20 18Maestro# 13
"brown text bandit. gg ;)" "Flea gonna flea. GG."
Home D1 center of gravity v1.0a Home
2017-4-26 19:37
# 16Lee20 14Skywarp# 15
1 suicide
"gg, not bad for 1st dcl match with mouse and being ill too :)" "gg -- not bad for 1st dcl match with a mouse"
Tuesday, April 25
Home D1 Ascend Home
2017-4-25 21:26
# 15Swarthy20 16Maestro# 12
1 suicide
"GG Maestro! Much better score this time. I would definitely say you are silver tier. Looks like Ernie is just a formality now so welcome brother!" "GG. The smart kills were amazing at times."
Home D1 audacity Home
2017-4-25 19:42
# 11Hyper20 3Leto_II# 26
1 suicide
"GG! Had some nice moves!" "GG! You're right - that ending was aggressive."
Home D1 fuzed Home
2017-4-25 19:25
# 16Lee20 6Leto_II# 26
1 suicide
"nice start leto, gg" "GG!"
Home D1 is Home
2017-4-25 19:11
# 16Lee20 10Leto_II# 26
"gg pal" "GG!"
Home D1 Ugh Home
2017-4-25 18:56
# 11Hyper20 6Lee# 16
1 suicide
"gg! Just a little slump!" "does unrated tier have a fusion trophy? id like to play for it. gg"
Home D1 Birds Nest Home
2017-4-25 18:28
# 11Hyper20 9Lee# 16
"GG Lee! Im sure you'll bounce back!" "well played, much better than i gg"
Home D1 The Cannery Home
2017-4-25 17:55
# 16Lee20 6Leto_II# 26
"gg leto" "GG!"
Home D1 Ugh Home
2017-4-25 17:34
# 16Lee20 14Leto_II# 26
"gg and well fought, thanks for the game leto :)" "GG! Ugh's always exciting."
Monday, April 24
Home D1 Blackout Home
2017-4-24 21:20
# 16Hyper20 12Maestro# 11
"GG man, showed some silver maturity for sure. GL with the rest." "That game started out downright catastrophic... at least I turned it around a little towards the end ;) GG."
Home D1 Crimson Home
2017-4-24 20:38
# 18Maestro22 20Phyrex# 11
2 suicides
"I understand, it's fine. GG man." "Not proud of that, sorry. well played though:)"
Home D1 barathrum d1 Home
2017-4-24 19:13
# 15Lee20 2Leto_II# 27
"gg man" "GG! That map's great, but I did horrible lol"
Home D1 Fishbarrel Home
2017-4-24 18:55
# 11Phyrex20 11Lee# 15
"GG Lee nice fusion series from you as well in the end" "well played man, couldnt dodge anything that honed. nice placement and fusion gg"
Home D1 Lurk Home
2017-4-24 18:15
# 15Lee20 17Maestro# 18
1 suicide
"very well played maestro, there wasnt anything in it til the end. gg and give everyone else hell :) good luck"

Demo link
"Not gonna lie, I was hoping to get into the positives once I had the lead late, but what can ya do? GG."
Sunday, April 23
Home D1 Lurk Home
2017-4-23 22:00
# 6Vainiac20 11Swarthy# 14
"gg swarthy, I ate my share of smarts that game too. wp" "GG Vainiac! The last kill was unapproved by the FCC. However your sidling and creeptatude was above par sir! Bueno!"
Home D1 Crimson Home
2017-4-23 21:38
# 6Vainiac20 9Swarthy# 14
"gg swarthy, you're getting there. good all around use of the weapons" "GG V! You are very calm seeming and then you pop like a firecracker! Lots to learn from you. "
Home D1 audacity x2 Home
2017-4-23 19:16
# 4RETHINK22 20melvin# 5
2 suicides
"gg" "Insanity, so good. F U tommy!"
Home D1 Nysa Home
2017-4-23 19:38
# 23Big Rat20 16Maestro# 17
2 suicides
"yes, same with me & Logic and a few other core levels - I see level choice will matter when we do 1 v1. gg" "Not my level in sooooo many ways. But GG."
Home D1 Logic Home
2017-4-23 19:05
# 17Maestro20 16Big Rat# 23
1 suicide
"Good job managing the missiles, GG." "well done - good use of vulcan."
Home D1 Droids Home
2017-4-23 18:51
# 5RETHINK20 13melvin# 4
1 suicide
"GG man" "GG Rethiiiiiink"
Home D1 Remix Home
2017-4-23 18:38
# 17Maestro20 16Big Rat# 23
"GG, the third time's a charm - but I hope it's a charm for me!" "GG that's two - revenge will be mine :-)"
Saturday, April 22
Home D1 RIP Home
2017-4-22 18:56
# 5RETHINK20 11Lee# 15
1 suicide
"gg dude" "nicely flown pal, good fights and nice aggression gg"
Home D1 Audacity x2 Home
2017-4-22 18:29
# 5RETHINK20 8Phyrex# 11
4 suicides
"thank u gg man" "GG Rethink well played"
Friday, April 21
Home D1 Fishbarrel Home
2017-4-21 23:49
# 15Lee20 11SeaWyrm-
1 suicide
"me too thought i didnt make it, but its a great level :) thanks for making it and playing me in here too :) gg well played pal" "GG! I like this map. I also built this map, so very happy you suggested it. :) "
Home D1 Niknak Home
2017-4-21 22:06
# 6Vainiac20 11Lee# 15
"gg, don't think its our style of level, but it was worth a shot" "well played vainiac gg man"
Thursday, April 20
Home D1 Logic Home
2017-4-20 23:05
# 16Hyper22 20Maestro# 17
"haha pick something you do like next time please! GG" "I guess it's just my fate to do well on maps I don't like ;) GG."
Home D1 Vamped Home
2017-4-20 20:39
# 11Phyrex20 17Maestro# 17
1 suicide
"Yup, well played:)" "I dare say that went better than our first game there ;) GG."
Home D1 Shiver Home
2017-4-20 14:09
# 8melvin20 14RETHINK# 4
3 suicides
"GG bro, love this map" "you are a master of this level, you suggested it, and whopped me.. gg sir."
Wednesday, April 19
Home D1 Ascend Home
2017-4-19 23:59
# 9Morf20 11Lady Silver# 21
"ONLY BY PROXY." "Welp. Here we are. Again. 11. Happy?"