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This is a collection of digital memorabilia of DCL glory days. This is a very partial sketch of what we want this page to grow into, and mostly consists of things Drakona could get easily. Please submit links and media if you have them!


Lotharbot's Origin Retrospective


DKH 1 & 2

CCDL Stats
CCDL Tournament
CCDL Whoopass Can
CCDL 1 Pics

CCDL 1.5 Pics

20th Anniversary Pics
20th Anniversary Excuses
20th Anniversary Whoopass Can

CCDL2 Stats
CCDL 2 Pics

Descent in Denver Whoopass Can

CCDL3 Stats
CCDL3 Tournament
CCDL3 Excuses
CCDL3 Whoopass Can
CCDL 3 Pics

CCDL4 Stats
CCDL4 Excuses
CCDL 4 Pics

CCDL 5 Pics


From Drakona:
The Dance
Ballad of Cyrus
Descent Greats: Jediluke
Descent Greats: Mark392
Descent Greats: LoNi_
Descent Greats: Drakona


From Swarthy
From Code
From Drakona