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Pilot Name Comment/Reason Date
CHILLYBUScatch me on obs for now, ggs2020-05-23
DrakonaThank you all. For everything. Now go do the best things in life!2020-08-07
JedilukeI had the greatest of times with you guys on the greatest of ladders ever to exist!!! EPI2020-08-07
LeeThanks for the games, ggs2020-08-07
LoNi_This game is supposed to be played on LAN2018-08-06
LotharBotSpent a lot of time disoriented, but sometimes that helped me orient. Thanks friends, you2020-04-09
Mark392And that was the end... of the beginning. 2020-08-07
melvinlooking forward to having a different netcode to complain about2019-09-09
RiTidesJust looking for fun games right now =)2014-03-25
roncliWent out the way I remembered. With lots of H8. Thanks 'fod! :D2020-08-06
SiriusI'd rather just watch, these days.2019-01-05
skunkGood games guys.2014-07-27
Vainiacthanks for the games everyone2018-06-30
yagarLost interest for now2014-08-09