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Some amazing stuff happened in Descent history! Find an epic match? A great rivalry? A stat jumped out at you? Can't believe these two pilots played all the way back in 2002? Grab the URL. Paste it here. Tell us what's awesome. Add one


This was my favorite easter egg. Morfod's rank.


For fans of Tetrafusion or Octave Pro, you can see the origin of both levels back in the comments on my 11th UDL match, in Monkey Bars, with clone7 (aka RiTides / Yencil)

Remember the first time Mark392 took the top spot from Jediluke in an overtime game, and Jediluke retired? No, not that one, the older one, on UDL, back in 2002. (BONUS: that game was a dual IDL/UDL game, and they'd had 2 prior overtime games on IDL. This is a very old rivalry.)