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The DCL hosts incomplete data from previous Descent ladders to celebrate and preserve Descent history. If you had a match history on IDL or UDL, it should be linked from your lifetime DCL profile page. If you had multiple profiles on either ladder and need them merged, we can do that. If your profile has been missed (possibly because you were flying under another name), we can do that as well. If you can fill in missing data from our (incomplete) archive, we would be happy to import it. In any of these cases, contact Drakona to improve the historical record.


We have data for IDL pilots obtained from Tobycat in 2015. This data is known to be incomplete, lacking the most recent IDL matches, lacking data for pilots who had many profiles, and lacking LT records for UT pilots. If you have some of the missing data, or can help us better link or manage the data we have, please let us know.


We have data for UDL matches up through mid 2003 from an archive data dump. This data is complete up to the point in the that the snapshot was taken. We do not have any matches after this.