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# 1Mark39222 20bahamut# 3
2 suicides
"Very tough bro! Nice work, thought you had me!" "GG bro tough match"
War Journal Entry
The score was 18-13, bahamut's lead... I was reeling from three back-to-back-to-back strings of bad luck that had put me in a deep hole. Bahamut had been capitalizing on every single mistake, no matter how minor. It seemed Bahamut was fated to put me down, and hard. I slowed myself... thinking through my options... "calm" "collected" "no wasted movements" "only cold and calculated steps"... These were the thoughts running through my mind, I had to fight off the thought of "everyone has to lose sometime, just let it happen". Bahamut had all the weapons and I knew he would be near the ones I wanted to pick up, I just couldn't figure out where... I entered through the dogfight energy center with full energy so as to not set off the "alarm" that the energy center serves as, just as baha left the room... I scrambled for the quad and laser upgrade I saw just as he re-entered to room... on patrol. He saw me, I ducked to the tunnel hoping for a smart missle... he had them both. I ran to the other door, threw a flair at it and high-tailed it back to the first door from the tunnel--I had spotted a plasma by the grey chimney to the reactor room and I was going for it. I hit the door to see baha looking at the other door for a split second, I grabbed the plasma and let loose! I got him! 18-14. I looked down... it cost a lot for that plasma... 13 shields. Baha came in hard and I tried desperately to take him down... he got me with level 1s. 19-14. I spawned on top of full quad laser upgrades just as Baha entered the smaller dog room and got a lucky doorway kill as he came in, 15-19.

The rest of the way was complete luck, just trying to stay alive and only use angles to chip away at shields... I got super lucky, Baha should have had that game, he outclassed me that match completely, every error Baha smoked me on... ALL of them.

Great match brother! That one will stick in my head for a long time to come! Epic!
Awesome! I would like to see a demo!! - LoNi_