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# 3LoNi_26 24DKH# 2
"That was awesome man! It deserves a War Journal!" "OMG, nice comeback! Way to go!"
War Journal Entry
DKH had me 10-3, then 14-7, but I made the comeback to 19-18. Check that on demo from DKH`s end.
Awesome game bro!
I cannot believe I lost!!!!!! Nice comeback, well deserved! - DKH
Great game, both of you! That was fun to watch. The kill at 18-16 was the turning point for Loni. I couldn't tell if Loni received the smart packets, or there was more of a delay than I was expecting. I've never played in that level, but from what I can gather: smarts (obviously) and quads are king. There were many times I thought using quads would have secured a kill, or at least did enough damage to set up a vulcan snipe in the next engagement. It's easy to be a backseat pilot, though. :) - Djcjr