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# 5Mark39220 12Drakona# 13
1 suicide
"For sure... but I do love Spaz! haha!" "That level was definitely off the beaten path. . . "
War Journal Entry
Drakona: I know you DKH'd me a time or two
Drakona: That's always satisfying :)
Mark392: lol....!
Mark392: yeah it is, haha!
Mark392: yeah i followed you through most of the level
Mark392: but i didnt want to change guns
Mark392: and alert you to me being there haha
Mark392: i had plas selected and was like... ahhhhh gotta wait and hope she turns
Drakona: The funniest one was when I couldn't find you anywhere
Drakona: And I was like, "I bet he's behind me"
Drakona: So I turned around to check
Drakona: . . . in the process slowing down
Drakona: *clang* *clang* *clang*
Drakona: "Yup, that's where he was"
Drakona: "Glad I figured that out"
Drakona: :D
Mark392: LOL!!

Seems to be how my game is a lot, lately. Figuring out what's happening, check. Doing the right thing in response . . . not so much. ;)