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# 4Mark39221 19Jediluke# 1
9 suicides
"EPIC is inadequate! That's all I got."

Demo link
"That was some EPIC $h*t!.....and I got the $h*t end of the stick! GG, a very deserved win!!"

Demo link
War Journal Entry
Well deserved Mark. Seriously well played. I was proud of my early come back and effective suicides that were extremely strategic and successful early on. I was reminded just how amazing it is to be part of a master vs master kung fu challenge. There was some seriously smart and epic moves pulled off. Then as this inhumane struggle continued on for 70 minutes and I was completely parched ....dry mouth big time!...I was reminded EXACTLY why you and I don't do that very often! All I have to say is that was some Epic Crap! ...and I got the crap end of the stick!
I hope there are demos from both pilots and at least one of the observers. - LotharBot
I have a demo! Somewhere... - Mark392
Probably going to be late for work after watching that... worth it. - Grandpa Reflexes
the game ended with him having only 1 shield, ONE!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr - Jediluke
Wow! Demo party! - Drakona
for the record my 'match comment' is not meant to be a complaint....i just thought it was kinda humorous. I never got angry (I ended up disappointed for sure!) during the game or after and the connection was quite good throughout the game. This was a game of millimeters and I came up short. Was a heck of a game. - Jediluke
DEMO PARTY this Saturday @ 8pm CST??!??! sound good? - Jediluke
9 suicides...so is that like 30-28? - Jediluke
awesome, i caught the first 30 minutes of it before i had to bail. great job both of you - Lee
I just finished watching from Mark's perspective and I enjoyed every minute of it. I can't describe just how enjoyable it is to watch both you play each other in a close match. I love doing inner monologue commentary - trying to make predictions, recognizing mistakes, and being thrilled by just general awesome play. I hope you guys do another soon! - Djcjr