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# 2Jediluke20 1PFunk# 14
2 suicides
"if anyone could make it last 17 minutes....its the sloth" "GG! 17 minutes in Logic X5 against Jedi is a win for the Sloth!"
And now because Jedi let him get one kill pfunk is up for gold. Hehe - ERNIE392
HAHAHA GJ - bahamut
PFunk's been up for gold for a while, just now decided to take it I guess! - roncli
Also, I'm pretty sure melvin/Jediluke Logic x5 in Obs Season 3 week 2 took longer than this. - roncli
Yes, he was up for gold before our match. He mentioned it after our match and said he didn't intend to take the challenge. I talked him into going for it. - Jediluke
Of all people... U should know that one doesn't always accept a gold promo challeng immediately following the match that qualified them. - Jediluke