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# 3bahamut20 15Jediluke# 2
7 suicides
"*eatel" "*eatel"
Hey, don't feel bad, bahamut just beat me by the same score rec... Wait. That's Jediluke. $#!@. - roncli
I have a new enemy.... One I shall destroy by 20-1....oh wait.... Already did that ;) - Jediluke
who is that - bahamut
bahamut, the tiniest bit of research would have yielded this: http://descentchampions.org/view_match.php?id=13077 - Jediluke
oh...I can understand if perhaps u thought I was speaking about u bahamut.. http://descentchampions.org/view_match.php?id=9339 but I wasn't. - Jediluke
jeds i was talking about you silly, 20-5 on several occasions, 18-14 nysa lead unrecorded you quit in a fit - bahamut
20-0 DCL LAN in Athena. *mic drop* - Jediluke
20-5 several times? a quick search of the DCL database reveals you did it once.and it took me suiciding 7 times to get you that number. also 45 to 1 do u know what that figure represents?? on the DCL...lifetime...I've held you to single digits 45 times to your 1. - Jediluke
don't get in a pissing contest with me son, your resume' doesn't hold water. :) - Jediluke