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# 2Jediluke20 3Drakona# 14
"speech speech!" "Oof."
Megas / Shakers
War Journal Entry

Take the best pilot in the world. Or one of the best. Whatever. Some legend playing like a legend.

Get him tuned to a state of hyper-awesomeness in a tough match. (http://descentchampions.org/view_match.php?id=1311)

Have him out for blood in a revenge match.

Put him in his home level.

Have that level be an unusual game his opponent isn't par-TIC-ularly good at.

What happens?

. . .

. . .


This is what happens.


Now we know.
Well, after our tough flea match I asked the question....

Is there a level left that I feel I could dominate Drak like in the old days (just a few months ago) and keep her in the low single digits.

I really couldn't think of one...but then thought...perhaps my best bet would be in MegaNysa...let's try it and see.

Well... 20-3 this time...but that's a small sample. I think we've played it twice ever.

We'll have to do it again and see :)