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# 2Jediluke20 8No Vulcan# 7
2 suicides
"dripping with sarcasm" "Luke, thank you for the rematch. I wish you'd like playing me as much as I like playing you. Everything I've learned is from you. I'm really proud of how well I'm picking up on what you do. I hope you find some "happiness" in that. I sure wish I could teach someone to fly really well. I love the games brother. I hope they never stop. I can't tell you how much fun it has been for me for the past year going from crap to something that can rival you. You're awesome. I hope you never stop dominating"
GET A ROOM - melvin
lovely - bahamut
Is Cyrus going to the LAN? Because I totally don't want to see the PDAs between you two. - roncli
I mean, I'd rather have to put up with LS/Morf PDAs than Cyrus/JL PDAs. - roncli
no, cyrus is allergic to LANs that have Jedis and Marks at them. - Jediluke
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