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# 1Mark39220 3roncli# 20
"G... Can't do it. Watch y0 mouth." "GG! I would've been happy with that smart kill, but I think I'm MOST happy with the plasma kill at the end! You're good at this level, it should be your home!"
War Journal Entry
Mark392 is really good in this level.
He was holding me to a pure shutout, the kind with no suicides. Then around halfway through I caught him not looking and popped a smart in his face. The other two was a fusion shot he tried to avoid but got caught on a corner, and then a plasma kill (ME??? PLASMA?!?!) to get the 3rd.

I got lucky I didn't get shutout, and am fortunate to have played such a skilled opponent in a great map! Thanks Mark! :D
..........gg - Mark392