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# 1Jediluke20 17Code# 25
1 suicide
"Blind, Disorientation and Fusion only.....what the F* was I thinking?? my home next then neutral ground...good luck getting ONE KILL!!!!!!" "GG man Dont feel mad because this is my Home map my best Map and the handful of times ive lost it was to GREAT players i had a MAJOR advantage and i can totally understand why you had such a close match with me... so whip my butt man! "

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War Journal Entry
It was a good game, this should be recognized for the effort that jedi has shown to improving not only his Skills in general, but mainly his Fusion! Amazing man...
It was a Good match on both parts and i fully understand there was some disadvantages on your part of game play and im sorry for that but tetrafusion will and forever be my favorite map and just because your not as good at a map does not mean its trash if i believed it this sort of thinking i would trash Wrath X5 to the ground but i wont With everything out of the way all i have left to say is GG - Code
I will admit, I was pulling for the 2nd ever bronze/diamond darkhorse. What won it for Jedi was Code losing composure around 16/17 kills, and going away from what was working for him to keep the game close. Watching this game made me feel I would have a chance vs. Jediluke in here! - roncli
Code, you should play Lothar in there - Lee
all disorientation levels and most all levels that eliminate choice of weaponry are trash imo. just sayin' - Jediluke
Lee I will try! XD - Code