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# 20caniplaydad23 21roncli# 17
1 suicide
"gg.. I never would have thought it would go into overtime.. an epic match against an awesome opponent ... and an all around great guy... thanx for all that you do for the descent community mr. roncli.." "GG! This was 19-10 in caniplay's favor. I am still shaking."
War Journal Entry
Never give up. Never say die. Every kill matters.
wow only one suicide, nice job mr. clifford. - melvin
Wish I had completed it. I was up 20-19 and lost my momentum because the game just seemed so crazy at that point. - roncli
had u won, it would have been a comeback for the ages for sure! well done! - Jediluke
wow great game great score good work guys - Entropy
Caniplay I heard you played like me a little in there. Good job! :P - Floor
He did, he must be taking pointers! - roncli
WAIT WHAT?!?! - Code