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# 6Djcjr30 28Jediluke# 2
"What a game! Damn, son. I feel like I just ran a marathon." "in a word, epic. time to rage retire"
War Journal Entry
Ok, so...supposedly this was regular Athena with a bunch of homers...but um...after 45 minutes or so there were only 2 left in the game and believe me I looked for them.
This match lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes and went in to over-time all the way to 28-30. I took an early lead in the game but then at 18-19 we had a double kill....OVERTIME!
Unfortunately I never took the lead in over-time and ultimate lost but it's no embarrassment to lose to Dj in that kind of way.
I just wish the HOMERS had stayed in the game...might have made the difference for me ;)
Demo is available upon request
I got a chance to watch some of the demos. I swear, even while watching my demo I was still having trouble guessing where you were in the level. I've never been confused in Athena. Ever. An absolutely fantastic job, Jeds. The most interesting point of the match were my 12th, 13th and 14th kills. I must say, a younger Jediluke would have lost his composure and started rushing me after those deaths. I watched them from your angle, and saw that you took some time before respawning, and got back to business as usual. Which is good because I like playing the Bruce Banner version of Jediluke. :)
That`s true Dj. Jediluke plays this level pretty well. He fools me pretty bad everytime we play it. That`s always a lesson. I really would like to get a demo for that match in both ends. Nice job guys! You both rock! - LoNi_