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# 4melvin25 23Code# 20
4 suicides
"Good news, everyone! I figured out how to wean Code off of tetrafusion!" "gg"
Lets be fair Code, you've got him playing in a fusion only map, a disorientation map, your home level that you've practiced to death in spite of all other maps (and weapons) plus you have the audacity to insist on playing 'fixed' versions of classic levels to your benefit. Goddamn dude, you have nothing to complain about. Excellent job Melvin, nice ballsy choice. - Lee
normally, with a score like that I'd want to watch the demo.....but all things considered...I like myself too much to watch this one. - Jediluke
It's rare that my day is made at 10AM, but here we are... Thanks, Melvin! - Maestro
Lee If you watched the demo your thoughts would be different... plus Melvin said he wanted to play it and i formally agreed... I dont always want to play tetrafusion i like other game modes too and c'mon lay off with the Ugh dcl... - Code
This reminds me of my 20-16(17?) game against Bahamut on Black Rose lol - Entropy
Using lasers (and concussions for that matter) is a perfectly valid strategy in a fusion game. I wouldn't do it, but then again I probably don't need to. :) - roncli