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# 3Jediluke24 22Vainiac# 5
2 suicides
"What is interesting about this game is I genuinely feel as though I dominated the ever living shit out of you in that game. No, seriously. I destroyed you with some Godlike stuff over and over....and yet the score doesn't reflect that. Most frustrating shit I've ever personally had to deal with. Makes no sense." "gg, thanks for catching all those smarts to make me look good"

Demo link
tide swung your way after I went up 22-21 and ran into one of your fusion shots that glitched into a wall and stuck. you got lucky here :) was an interesting game right up til the end. - Vainiac
I don't do luck. I planted that fusion shot and left it there in the wall for a reason! - Jediluke
Sounds like a good one to watch, thanks for posting demo - Lee