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# 3Jediluke20 10bahamut# 2
1 suicide
"bursts at 20ms??? what gives drak?" "GG jediluke."
Granted, the whole game was not bursty I was just surprised to see it at all at 20ms. Also, the lead point on his pryo was not 20ms. weird. - Jediluke
you know a LOT about this game, but I may show you more - bahamut
Bahamut, what are you trying to say.....That you have something to teach me? I'm fully aware that I can learn something from every opponent I play. Including you, code and others. So I agree. If I am interpreting this incorrectly please enlighten me. - Jediluke
Oh boy... my name was dragged XD - Code
no, you got it exactly right dude -- I have a lot to learn, and I hope that I never stop - bahamut