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# 3bahamut20 18Jediluke# 2
1 suicide
"DODGE EVERYTHING" "one again, he asks for a level he knows i like...then he asks for fuzed. u don't even try to hide it do u?"
are you bitching about a "you pick, i pick" situation? i dont get it. - melvin
idk, I never went into a you pick, I pick deal - bahamut
I think Jedi is referring to the attitude, which I have witnessed, of "I played a level you like that I picked, and now I will apply pressure to get a level I like by guilting you into it". Which is basically a "you pick I pick" mentality, except it's, "I pick for you and for me". - Mark392
Mark nailed it. He's picking for me then picking for himself. I'm just calling him out on it after I finally asked to pick my own level and he wasn't having it. - Jediluke
Bottom line is, this is a specific level selection strategy he is employing and I don't want to allow him to pick for me and for him in every single match we play which is what has happened so far. - Jediluke
OK i get it. - melvin
They are both accusing me of manipulating my opponent, which is NOT true, and is defaming to my reputation which is small enough as is. jediluke will whine whether we play in fuzed, flea x3, wrath x5, logic x5. and neither of the two have told the whole truth, and the "attitude" doesn't exist cameron, if you say yes to a level, that's your problem, but no matter! you can always claim that the ping jumped from 60ms to 86ms and the loss jumped to a 2% for a second - bahamut
play me anyway. - bahamut
I play you anyway with all of it! I believe I’m just letting you know what it looks and sounds like. None of it is meant to be defamatory, just clarifying. I’m merely stating observations, reuben. On the subject of our pings, it has been bad lately, as we both have recognized and I’m sad that is the case, however, it has not, and will not, hinder me from playing you. - Mark392
It also won’t hinder me from respecting you and loving you, and it won’t hinder me from speaking the true observations, either. - Mark392
I hear you, and I will do the same; I only had problems on 20pps, not 30, and I'm sorry about the bad attitude brother - bahamut
It’s all good, brother! Looking forward to chatting and playing more! You know I love you! - Mark392
Geez, brothers! Get a room already you two. - ERNIE392