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1 suicide
"every single DCL this season (except for the 1 obs in pillbox x5) have been levels of YOUR choosing. The ONE time I say it's my turn to pick a level....u shoot down my next 5 suggestions. So we settled on YOUR choice of a level again and I couldn't even get my x5 I wanted. We had to compromise down to x3. I don't see this as negotiation if every level is a level of your choosing...regardless if I like the level u have chosen or not. I gave you your fuzed games everytime u asked for it " "gg"
and took my losses. IF that is how you negotiate we can make this easy going forward. Random core only. Problem solved. - Jediluke
boo hoo, the maps I *chose* are the maps that I knew you like, so theres no "angling" involved, I approach YOU for games, considering the maps you like to play so that I can actually get a damn match - bahamut
You know exactly what I'm talking about. You ask for a match in a level you know I like and then guilt me in to one that you like that I don't. Fine, I said yes to your level. I didn't have to. This kept going for the ENTIRE season thus far. The ONE time I want to call the shot and choose a level you deny me. So we'll just take the negotiations out of this and do random core. No big deal. - Jediluke
Baha: Sadly, I have witnessed this attitude from you this season. Not to the extent that Jedi has, as we have played many nuetral levels. However, particularly when you said "He (speaking of me) owes me Wyndham because I played him in Skunked" (last season, btw). That is the kind of attitude that is being discussed here that is very toxic in relationships when attempting to remain friendly. It is also the attitude you are claiming isn't present, when, in fact, to presume that I owe, or even SHOULD play you in a level due to a level choice previous is wrong--especially since we, also, had no "you pick I pick" agreement. - Mark392
:P - Code
mark, you took it out of context, afterward I said "he doesn't OWE me anything, but I'll ask for wyndham" I will not be accused of being an angler, ESPECIALLY by you two, thanks for your opinions; Jediluke, you can play the victim, but I chose those maps because I knew that they favor your playstyle and I enjoy playing you, I also stated that i didnt want logic x5 or wrath x5 or junior x5 because i didn't want to play the same maps over and over again. Please consider that I don't want to distance our games. - bahamut
I apologize if I took it incorrectly, it seemed majorly out of character for you, but how else was I to take it after you also put out an ultimatum after I said no to Wyndham? That “seems” like the attitude being discussed. It doesn’t change how I view you, you’re my friend and brother, and, as such, I will speak the truth. I want to speak the truth in love, so I apologize if that has not occurred! - Mark392
we'll have to all discuss this in mumble or something. Also, flea x3 is the match that we're commenting on - bahamut
I have more to say to you than what fits in a comment box. See forum: - Jediluke
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dTtvsBTC_WA - caniplaydad
haha. finally, refreshing this match report every 30 seconds for the last 12 hours has paid off. - melvin
has it? - bahamut
No, that was not what i actually did all day. but i did lol irl iirc. - melvin
@Melvin XD - Code