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# 14Code33 31Maestro# 9
1 suicide
"gg man" "GG"
33-31, and all the two of you can think of saying is "GG"? Cmon! Speech! Speech! Demos! Fighting words! Something!? - roncli
Also, I'm confused why this didn't end 22-20? - roncli
At 22-20 they said gg but code was too close to Maestro's exploding ship. Game got dropped just after it went to 22-21, so they rehosted for the rest of the game - Lee
Lee is correct. And the demo shows some questionable conduct that I have elected not to pursue so perhaps it's best if it stays firmly private. - Maestro
As for "fighting words" I'll let the next match score do my share of the talking. - Maestro
Having watched this game live I agree with Maestro and think it should remain private - Lee
Sucks that it went like that :( This looks like an epic game otherwise. - roncli