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# 3Jediluke20 16melvin# 8
2 suicides
"yeah, u had 6 direct spawn missile kills in a row. I coulda lost my shit but instead got real serious. at 13-17 2nd half jedi came alive!" "2 pretty dope comebacks, mine came first tho :/"
This was a really good game, Melvin was dominant early on picking up a seven-kill streak rocking a fusion and smart combo. Game turned when they met at the single wide t-junction (by the grates) they both had the same idea but Jedi won the hug making it 17-16 instead of 18-15 (to Melvin) and thereafter he played pretty excellent. Very good game. Much closer than it looked for Melvin. - Lee
yeah, felt like I was gonna lose this one for most of the game - Jediluke