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1 suicide
"All i have to say is... WTC IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING DUDE I LEGIT WAS DEATHLY SCARED OF THIS WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT, THE DESCENT GODS ARE SMILING ABOVE ME!!! GG man, really you won... you are the one who gave me confidence in pursuing this match... honestly Thanks YOU" "GG! I'm out! Code is king! I need a life."
What you're doing right: https://imgur.com/a/U8Is6 - Maestro
Ouch, Buzzkill - Code
LAN SCORE: 3-20 - Lee
https://www.dropbox.com/s/in6ilj7xtydsdjj/shitfit.bmp?dl=0 - Lee
I deleted the comment for personal reasoning, if you feel that other people need to see that i publicly slaughtered myself, then so be it, I understand that i should not have uploaded that comment, but if i have to remove it... I have a reason and a cause, And usually to stop drama you dont cause it, But of course i can fall victim, But in this scenario i can laugh in the face of irony which has called me hypocritical... But again, please do re upload the one thing i felt was not fit to be seen - Code
At the very least, I'm impressed with the vocabulary of the community. We all have our moments. This one time I b*tched out a teenager for being friendly. Now I'm happy to see the guy. - Morf
"friendly" - melvin