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# 2Jediluke21 19Vainiac# 4
2 suicides
"u do know....i let the game stay close to make u think u have a chance...then pull the rug right out from under ya. It's the only entertainment I have left. Then again, your connection IS a joke ;)"

Demo link
"go buy a lottery ticket this was your lucky game. wp"
aw that's cute you think you can still control how close you can willingly keep it. the dementia is setting in old man - Vainiac
it was worth it...Vainiac was so upset about this one that he actually SPOKE on mumble to me about it!! I had forgotten what your voice sounded like. I think I only received every other voice packet though ;) - Jediluke
I'm going to start using wireless again only in our games just to spite you :) - Vainiac
I love this place - Code