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1 suicide
"Yeah, ive been gone for a while, both of us was throwing off rust! Lol Regardless for being gone as long as you have and returning subtly? MAN did you have me on my toes in the beginning, Strong strong start! GG " "gg my friend ... well played... strong finish.."
Code you only been gone for a week if that. Caniplay has been gone for months. - ERNIE
lmao was going to say the same thing - Leto_II
To me it was WAY to long, and it was like a week and a half... but i can understand where your coming from - Code
Ok, color me stupidly confused but, didn’t you play in the tournament on the weekend, Code? So... you’ve been gone for two days max? I’m so confused... - Mark392
more games than anyone else, too:) - Phyrex