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# 13Hyper20 17RustBucket# 15
5 suicides
"gg i had the real home court advantage." "Bloody silent smarts. Nearly suicided you into submission."
Time to change that name back... Morf - Code
Actually I'd imagine thats the last thing on his mind - Lee
lol - Code
Only in the sense that Morf was a bonafied gold before he had to stop playing - Lee
Code: Morf (and I) have barely played a handful of games in the last few months. - Hyper
Lee: Correctamundo! Firstly he's concerned about being shirtless in sub zero temperatures. Second is that he now trials in our all time H2H 23-25. - Hyper
Hyper: You are a really useful engine. But yeah fair point you haven't been able to play consistently for an age, I was just focusing on Morf because of the name change. Miss you. - Lee