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1 suicide
"gg" "GG, your smarts are very VERY well placed, your much better than i thought. Move to Alabama so we dont have 160 ping XD"
Speaking as someone who actually did move to the US... if you're going to do it, there are more civilized destinations than Alabama. ;) - Sirius
Lol - Code
Yeah move to disneyland bro - Lee
Disney world is better brah - ERNIE
Come to alabama, we have the Offf-brands of everything. Like Cmon, you will 100% enjoy LakeWinny that has identical rides... Or if amusement parks isnt your take out, try our Gun ranges... Thats all thats fun out here -.- - Code
That’s not true, there’s more fun out in ole ‘Bama. Like dueling banjos, like on the movie “Deliverance”... so move to Ala... on second thought, stay as far away from Alabama as you can. - Mark392
Find some good Barb' Q down here, i mean sure... you'll get food poisoning but, Worth it right? - Code