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# 4Vainiac20 8Lee# 11
1 suicide
"total dominance!!! gg lee" "apparently i died 221 times. guess thats enough to frustrate anyone. gg"
http://retro-tracker.game-server.cc/archive/game-03-02-2018-02-42-56-vainiac-xenocide.html - Vainiac
haha you work fast bro ;) - Lee
15 kills a minute, that has to be some sort of record - Vainiac
haha :) - Lee
The question is, what was the xeno that was ciding Lee? - Sirius
I give, what was it? :) - Lee
I don't have the answer... but there are 200 deaths that the Pentagon won't explain... boo-weeee-oooo... - Sirius
Haha fair point. Trackers fine but the levels buggy, only in a superficial sense and nothing that effects the contest. - Lee