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# 1Mark39220 11Jediluke# 2
4 suicides
"GG, agreed, felt off." "Boy, did this one feel off. I didn't feel off."
yeah, from me not wanting a DCL and letting cyrus bug me into submission to play to non DCL settings accidentally being in play to facing someone and shooting in there face for an ungodly amount of time on both sides an no one dying from it? wtf - Jediluke
their - Jediluke
ping was good looking but the shit i saw in there as not counting defied logic - Jediluke
ok, I KNEW something was off in that game. I'm not crazy. Besides the usual "Your connection SUX! Stop Hacking!" turns out that the connection issue was real and on MY side for sure. I found out cuz Birdseye bought a new modem and a higher tier of connection so I wanted to test my connection to him in a game. Well, pings weren't any better and now we had packet loss where we usually don't. What the F!? So anyways I run a speed test and I'm pulling down ONE TENTH of my normal connection speeds. WTF!? Anyhow, I was consistently....every test...getting crap for connection speeds. A simple modem reset fixed the issue and I was back at high speed. So, the moral of the story is....your connection sucks.....stop cheating.....and I'll check my connection before our next game. - Jediluke
Bahahahahaa! Glad mysucky fiber wasn’t the *whole* issue *this* time! Lololol *laughing crying face* - Mark392