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# 2Mark39223 21Jediluke# 1
2 suicides
"Man. I can't even explain. We both had control of this one and wrestled it away from eachother many times. The Wrath... yeah. I wanted it. You were better, though. Great games, brother, great Vendetta!" "You played very well in this one. Very deserving of the win. I felt like at one point this game was mine and then the ball bounced the wrong way. Wrath was good as well, I knew you wanted that one really badly...thanks for blowing a nice lead. 1st game, rushed rushed rushed to get to the next 2. Sorry. I'll take you to the limit the next time we play that one (not in a vendetta)."
this was one of the best matches I've ever watched. Not just because of the score. There were some really amazing plays. And a few Melvin Opportunities (TM). - LotharBot
Gentlemen, i assume royalty checks are in the mail? - melvin