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"Here is the real issue I have with you in this particular game. Every time that we have had a bad ping of 160 and loss you have made an effort to correct the issue. THIS time you refused. I told you that I would take issue with that if this was going to be your attitude in this game. Because it's 10-9 you don't want a more legitimate connection???? WTF tommy!? I'm one of the FEW ppl that put up with your BS wireless connection and even lose to you in the process. " "when i beat you 20-19 our ping was low. when u beat me 20-8 our ping was low.. it doesnt matter. u just see that number and cry. "
You clearly don't appreciate that. Instead of even attempting to fix YOUR problematic connection you called me a cry baby pussy instead. Ok Tommy. Message received. I'll be sending you a message also. - Jediluke
after the fact you still want to put the blame on me and message me to say that you don't give a shit about my tantrum and that I don't have to play you? You miss the point Tommy. You did me wrong in this game by not making any attempt to fix the issue and on top of that you were just goading me on calling me names in relation to it. All in the name of trying to get a cheap ass win. A near 6000 ping isn't playable. Your ping fluctuated wildly. I know it frustrates you. No doubt it does. If it frustrates you imagine how it makes ME feel. Every time that I have asked you to do something about this connection you did. This time you acted totally different and now you are coming at me for this?? Dude, not cool. I'm not in the wrong here. I even played out your game with out any attempt by you to remedy the situation. You still lost. No cheap win for you despite trying to get one under these conditions. Is that what has really upset u here?? - Jediluke
I'm a damn good descent partner and friend to you. You did me wrong on this one. You should have attempted to fix your connect. And even now, you should admit that you were wrong not to try and wrong for just tell me to shut up and stop being a cry baby pussy about it. I even told you that if this was going to be your stance then I was going to take issue with you. You didn't care. You are right man, I don't have to play you. I want to play you. I want to be cool with you. I also don't want you doing me like you are. I didn't deserve this. - Jediluke
I do tend to over-react in the moment. For my part, I am sorry. - Jediluke
Normally I wouldn't interject in something like this, but after the Observatory Season 8 Finals Tournament, Jediluke is right. You had *severe* issues with your connection in the tournament that might have even affected the outcome of one or more of your matches. And then you had the gall to state that it's due to your opponent. - roncli
I think that's really poor sportsmanship, and I wasn't alone. Several other people watching the game in chat were *loving* watching a game of *blowout* Descent, because it was Jediluke putting the villain in his place. That's not how this game should be. - roncli
Tommy is one of my favorite people. It makes me sad when he plays on a bad connect and makes people upset with him. Plz bro, accept when your connect is bad and don't fight people about it. - LotharBot
The QQ is over 9000! - DESCENTE392
Guys, I'm genuinely over it. I am not happy that he chose to respond the way that he did and I voiced that loud and clear. Bottom line is I could have simply left the game insisting on continuing at that score at a later date/time. I CHOSE to play on because in my anger I wanted to murder his pyro over and over. An apology for his part in all this is something I thought would come my way but it hasn't. It doesn't matter. I'm moving on from it and I will continue to play him and perhaps excercise my rights should this scenario come up again. - Jediluke
you have to understand, i did everything i could to fix my connection, by turning off other devices using the wifi. i could not just kick everyone off the internet in my house, its not my call.. there was nothing further for me to do.. i said either play on or quit. because frankly im tired of people knowing im on wifi, agree to play, then bitch the whole time, like its something new. enough is enough. play or dont was my word at my boiling point of being sick of the crying about a 150 ping.. i play UK players with twice that and dont complain. whatever the case. i apoligize for calling you a baby back bitch! lol i didnt say pussy. but im wired now.. problem solved. i should not have to hear a damn word about my connection now, and no excuses for your losses. GG - Diablo
that was weak and inaccurate....much like your mind game and aim. - Jediluke
<3 Rethink :) - Lee
How unfortunate that you are wired now and yet we still have the same crappy connection! WTF. I reserve the right to continue to bitch about it despite you being wired now. - Jediluke