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# 36CHILLYBUS20 18SeaWyrm# 38
2 suicides
"EXCELLENT match! can't wait to get dunked on by first half Seawyrm real soon." "GG! I had a nine point lead, and you brought things all the way back in from the outer rings."
War Journal Entry
Not gonna lie, I'm a bit salty at this one. Really thought I had it in the bag - and I haven't had any wins on the ladder yet this season, so I wanted it bad. Did I get cocky? Or was it all credit to Chilly pulling himself together to turn the game around? Kudos to him regardless for digging his way out of the deep, deep pit I'd thrown him into - whether it was him doing something differently in his own head or capitalizing hardcore on whatever was going on in mine. And for my part, well, I clearly know how to do something right. I just need to figure out how to not stop doing it!
Actually only an 8 point lead. OTOH, we forgot to report his two suicides...! - SeaWyrm
Your aggression was your strength... when Chilly got a couple kills with fusion, it turned off your aggression and opened the door for the comeback. I can't believe you guys CONSTANTLY play each other this close! - roncli
Fixed the 2 suicides thing. Next time you need a match adjustment just msg me. - Jediluke
Thanks, Jedi! - SeaWyrm