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"gg, well played." "GG"
So can Jedi get demoted? - Swarthy
Swarthy, of course I 'can' be demoted. What it takes for me to be demoted is falling below 22 in skill rating AND fall below a GOLD Dominance percentage of 90%. As it currently stands I am at a 30.72 skill rating and 91.4% GOLD Dominance. So I am in no immediate danger of being demoted currently. - Jediluke
as much as I hate 'almost losing' to the likes of code (at least in the moment) I am happy to have someone that has improved enough to be a competitive threat to me at times. Code continues to improve, not only against me but against others as well. It's why he has a GOLD promo challenge. If you feel like I don't belong in Diamond anymore due to performance then I invite you to pariticpate in trying to kick me out of it via the mines. Bring it! :) - Jediluke
ಥ ͜ʖಥ - Code
First explanation was enough. - Swarthy
for dominance it’s 85% that you have to fall below. - Mark392
Thanks for the correction Mark. - Jediluke