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# 1Jediluke20 15LoNi_# 9
"Yeah, skill + Lag/Loss = frustration for sure."

Demo link
"Just remember why i stopped playing this game"
for demo watching reference it was about 250ms and 3 to 5% loss - Jediluke
Yeah, i had the same on my side... smarts in your butt, crossing closed doors... i think the best for us is just not to play one each other anymore, it is too stressful and frustrating... i hate playing that way and thats the reason i was 3 years away from the game... maybe we can get a game in a future LAN - LoNi_
Yeah man, it's not personal. I know that. The connection is incredibly frustrating as can be seen in the demo. I wish we could LAN daily! - Jediluke
The connect between you two could get better :) - Mark392
We should start a gofundme to buy 5000 miles of cat6 cable. - Djcjr
LoNi for god sakes don't leave the ladder! Lag is frustrating at times and I complain as much as the next person but we all get it and when you and I played it seemed mostly pretty good. Whether it's you or me, everyone is spread out and just having a game of Descent is better than none. - Swarthy
Yeah the whole point is to be the best pilot in the world not just North America. GO TEAM LEE! - Lee
I think Pfunk has a 5000 mile cable... pretty sure he brought it to the lan lol - Mark392
You have to enjoy playing the game. I can see how connection issues get in the way of that enjoyment. LoNi is an amazing pilot and capable of beating me on LAN. He has to decide is it is worth putting up with the international connection or not. He and I just want a game free of added frustrations due to lag/loss and we aren't likely to get that. We could agree not to play each other but that is also less than ideal. Sad face. - Jediluke
This is really scattered XP Hopefully i'll play you soon Loni!! - Code