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# 30Diablo20 18Jediluke# 1
"i just proved u cant beat me without smarts, twice. " "he had to pathetically ANGLE to get his cheap ass win."
lol. meanwhile, almost the entire d1 1v1 playscape has been artfully, relentlessly terraformed into a jediluke angleshooting paradise. - melvin
I expected a smarter statement from you melvin. - Jediluke
hey, level negotiating is a valid 1v1 descent skill. props to you, but don't deny that it wouldnt be a vastly different world if you werent in it. - melvin
and would that vastly different world be better with out me in it? That can still be arranged. - Jediluke
w/e bro. you did it. me pointing it out doesnt mean i dont want you around. quite the opposite. it was just the easiest way to reinforce my point. - melvin
(a premptive "shut up, code" seems necessary before an off the cuff "wow, spicy! *crying laughing emoji x4* makes me travel to Floribama to commit a felony.) - melvin
How do I always get included in crap like this. smh - Code