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# 1Diablo20 15Jediluke# 2
13 suicides
"you're the most arrogant player in the whole game... and you cant take a little bit in return" "Thanks to his super angling asshole methodology I have decided this isn't what I want to be a part of. Congrats on the win, was one of the best games you've ever played. Too bad you ruined it even more with that arrogant bs of yours. Congrats. The ladder is yours."
love how you didn't even address the angling comment. Cuz it's pure truth and the reason I'm out. - Jediluke
everyone knows if you beat jedi, the DCL EULA requires you to rematch in wrath x5. Rethink is clearly in breach of contract. This is why you never give the rematch, kids. - melvin
This is correct. Upon signing to this website, you have to submit to the rules of rage rematching. Page: 235, Section H8. - Code
lol - melvin
I observed this match. Rethink was on his game. Jediluke's adjustments were inadequate. They left out the like 20 suicides... - LotharBot
13 according to the tracker. Someone should add them! - roncli
While the rematch rule is a real thing.... There was no rematch requested nor wanted. I wanted nothing more than to leave the ladder and leave behind what rethink did to me before this game. Super lame, y'all don't know the half of it. - Jediluke