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1 suicide
"we tend to say gg as a mark of respect to our opponent after each game regardless of the result, not when we think we did well once in a blue moon. gg regardless" "good game."
Lee, I hope you know that even though I don’t take losing lightly by any stretch, I hold immense respect for you as a pilot and opponent, and do my best to fully appreciate the matches we fly together – and always reach that mark even though we’re not always in communication when that happens. I’m sorry if I don’t write ‘gg’ at match end or in reports at times – it’s a profoundly frustrating experience to lose to the same person every time you play them, and I get caught up in the moment. Sometimes many moments. I’m new to any kind of competitive laddering system and you’re right, once in a blue moon, it clicks for me like it did here. In the meantime, I’m struggling with both the headspace of the match itself and composure in a competitive environment like this, so flying and losing are two things I’ve been trying to learn how to do gracefully, and still have a ways to go with both. - CHILLYBUS
To this end, I’ve gone back and commented on those reports in my record missing one, and have retired from the ladder for a couple of weeks to reconsider pursuing competitive Descent. Hoping we can put this behind us in short order. - CHILLYBUS
I leave my comments empty sometimes too - bahamut