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# 2b2af20 13Jediluke# 1
3 suicides
"gg, nope not OL, and if I wanted to play someone that says WTF every kill, I would be Code. gg" "overload...goddamit"
I would play Code* - b2af
Congrats, you are finally good enough to win some games vs me. This was a particularly good score for you. I blame some of it on a couple hours of OL then jumping straight into this. My decision. Keep coming at me...I'm not scared to lose like some pilots I know. Also, remember...before your head gets too big...beating me at times doesn't make you diamond...it also doesn't make you better than me. You aren't there yet. Let's see if you can get there though. Bring it! - Jediluke
bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuh - Code
Actually, Code says WTC and Jedi says BS - Lee
Thank you, lee. - Code
No problem :) - Lee