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3 suicides
"i" "gg's b2. I'm done with dcl. Not leaving on a sour note although I lost pretty bad here. I'm not going to make gold with the state of the dcl. Even Daz couldn't get 2 more games for promo. I'm moving to the OTL where people play. I'll see you over there!"
I'm sorry! Make we can fix things around here. - b2af
no need...not bitter...just bored. I can't do both games and be competitive. more people play OTL and it seems like they are having fun. I want that. I had a tip of the gold hat from the algorithm a year ago and that's gonna have to be good enough. - Swarthy
I remember being so frustrated with not being a gold yet getting easily good scores. Trust me when I say You can make it. These scores are actually a lot more insignificant than you think. You're right though I've never seen this much inactivity. MSG people, get games with unlikely people. I'd play you if you would ask me. If you want gold, you can get it. I had to fight for it ON LAN. I've played you, you're audacious. You one of the few silvers than can beat me probably more than i can beat you. OTL is fun though. But I still try to balance both! - Code
Also According to discord, Daz wouldn't play anymore matches. People we're willing to play - I was. - Code
No offence Code and I’m sure it’s with good intentions but I don’t think that’s quite it. I think it’s less about reaching gold and more about what’s the point of trying at the moment. - Lee
I was just responding to what he said about gold. I relate to the struggle, I understand the frustration. (as many others also do) I just don't want to see swarthy go over ladder nonsense. Whatever the initial reason, Swarthy, imo is the underlooked glue to the active FFA community. - Code
love you swarthy - CHILLYBUS
if b2 thought that the inactivity here was a good reason to leave he would have never beaten a diamond pilot multiple times. B2 was also lucky that I stuck around long enough to give him all the shots he needed. My days are numbered here too. - Jediluke
get it while the gettin is good vs me...whoever wants their shot at a diamond that is - Jediluke