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# 6Drakona23 21Jediluke# 1
"Thanks for everything. It's been a great ride!" "1st time she EVER beat me and its for #1, thats how u do it i guess! so proud of u"
War Journal Entry
wow, happy birthday to you! - LotharBot
Holy... shit. Congrats, Drak!! - Djcjr
CONGRATS!!!!!! And on your birthday!!! I knew it!!!!!! - Mark392
yeah, i got her this since i couldn't afford anything else ;) - Jediluke
I guess we'll have to watch the demo of you beating me at the LAN on the 120" projector! - Jediluke
I did take a demo... - Drakona
Wow, congrats drak! - bahamut
Amazing! Congrats! - Ryguy
Awesome Drak! Congrats ^2 ! - LoNi_
I feel like this has been a long time coming! Credit to Drak, but also to Jeds for being a selfless teacher. Share the knowledge, compete on the execution and all that. That's why I love this game. Drak, throw that demo up! - melvin
I'd say that classic quote really fits here, Melvin. Amazing match for both of you, and congratulations Drakona! - Naphtha
That's exactly right. Even the very next game, he was still giving me tips! Jedi has been an amazing teacher, a great coach, and a relentless, awesome opponent. I am profoundly grateful. :) - Drakona
Congrats, Drakona! What an epic history of matches between you two!! - RiTides