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"Thanks for playing with me :-)" "2 legit 2 quit"
War Journal Entry
The ladder was quiet. All the masters, the vast majority of the best players, had retired. Most of the rest had gone inactive. The fierce rivalries had all died down. I didn't even play much anymore -- a lot more off the record than on the ladder.

But this guy . . .

I asked for a warmup game first -- blubird. I'd been doing other things, didn't really have Descent on the mind as much as I used to. My new job keeps my mind busy, and the games I want at the end of the day are casual. I just wanted to remember how the pyro flies in a serious game. And it was a pretty good warmup! Pretty even, he won, fusion gave him a decent edge as it always does against me. :)

The connection had been bursty, though, and so he reset it and asked for another warmup to check that it had settled down. Cool. We do Ascend, it seems smooth, I get to 10 first, and ask for the real game.

"Pick something small to mid-sized", he says.

"Ok, Audacity?" I say. Something different. I like Audacity.

And I'm thinking it's going to be a pretty even match. The warmups were, right?


Audacity is a level that likes Bahamut's style. An arena with short sight lines and nowhere safe to go. And Bahamut brought a level of intensity and trickery I hadn't yet seen, an extra reserve of awesomeness that I couldn't match. Ladder matches are different. That's why we play them.

I tried everything, and none of it worked. My usual in-your-face aggressive style got me fusion hits. I tried missile trickery and got out-tricked. I tried camping and got discovered. I tried stalking and got found. I tried rushing the weps. I tried not rushing the weps. Bahamut had it all covered.

This guy . . .

We have a lot of even games. He's one of my very favorite pilots to play. But watch out -- in the levels where he's good, he's very, very good.

The match comment is directed at him. In a season of quiet and inactivity, bahamut is still playing, and playing HARD. The dude is far too legit to quit.

I salute that.