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"You're tough!"
War Journal Entry
In August of 2013 -- about a year ago -- I faced Dravis in the Rangers Post-Season 42 D1 Duel Tournament. We were to play Flea -- which, at the time, had been out for only a few months. I didn't know the level, but desperately wanted to win the match. I practiced non-stop for a week. Without exaggeration, I think I made Lotharbot practice Flea with me at least ten times.

After all that, the result was anticlimactic. I lost, easily and efficiently, 20-10. http://challonge.com/rangersseason42

It was not, by historical standards, an important game. Very likely no one but me remembers it. But OH MAN did I want to win it, and oh man, OH MAN, did I get beat. ;)

So when Dravis asked for Flea today, I immediately had flashbacks.

He didn't make it easy -- I had to play my sneakiest and nastiest to win. This guy has some brutal vulcan, and wins the dogfights far too much. But I got 'em in the end . . . and the chance to avenge last year's loss is most appreciated, and most satisfying. :)