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7 suicides
"the one who played WITH you, and were shown that you WERE good at it, were TOLD that" "can anyone remember when i used to be good at this game?"
I can't make out what Bahamut is saying... - Mark392
he remember when i used to be good and admits that i am no longer good...that's what i got from it - Jediluke
guess he told me! - Jediluke
That's what you get when you press the 'random comment' button. - Drakona
good one drak - Jediluke
This idea has navigated right into my heart. - LotharBot
^ Lotharbot tells me he used commments.com to generate that. :) - Drakona
oops i meant the people who played with you saw that you had skill, and told by the finished product of your hard practice - bahamut
#StillConfused #ExplanationsDidntHelp #Huh? #Ermuhgerd - Mark392