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# 2BAHAMUT24 22Drakona# 6
1 suicide
"exceptional aim..." "Tough as nails!!! Great piloting!"
War Journal Entry
There's a quirk about bahamut as a pilot, and it's always struck me as odd: he's awfully comfortable with laser ones. You stick me in a fight with laser ones, and I am looking to get out just as soon as I can without taking too much damage. But not baha. No, he'll just stick it out and dog with you. Like, whatever, man.

Seems to work out sometimes. Nonetheless, I've always thought it a weakness.

But there was one fight this game -- one fight I'll always remember -- where it was a strength.

I'd hit him with a direct smart missile to go up 19-18, and the weapons are all over by the exit or by the energy. He spawns in the dog room. I find him and we engage.

Okay -- baha's a better dogfighter than me. But he's got laser 1's and I've got 40 shields and the weapon of my choice. I choose spread, and for the next 20 seconds, chant in my head "don't let him leave" and "just get hits".

Oddly, he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get out. He picks up some missiles by the reactor. He dodges some shots. Takes a few hits. Gets a few of his own. Puts up a good fight. In an extended dogfight in which I body-block exits at least twice . . . for the GAME . . . with laser ones . . . the guy is cool as a cucumber.

At the end of it, I'm sitting there with six shields, staring after his retreating ship in utter astonishment. I would easily have run down and killed a fleeing pilot, but because he's so comfortable fighting with laser ones, he got a clean disengage and gave as good as he got. Maybe more.

There's a reserve of willpower the great pilots have about winning a game. Jedi will suicide on you eight times and come back to win, you know? I've always felt I don't have it.

But in that moment, I was sure I was witnessing it.