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"Whatever happened to freedom of speech?!" "Descent is super fun!"
War Journal Entry
There are Descent games that are respectful contests of excellence. There are levels that are about the joy of flying. There are games that contrast the artistry of two masters, and you can't help but feel, at the end of them, that both pilots have won.

And then there's Ascend x4.

If blubird is a cinematic kung fu fight, if straight Logic is a gentleman's duel with sabers . . . Ascend x4 is a back-alley no-holds-barred bare knuckle brawl.

It's not a level for nice people. It is mean. It is full of blind smart hits, spawn kills, far too many floaters to dodge, inescapable traps, and sudden faceoffs that you don't win. Everything about it is massively unfair. It is a brutal contest of speed, wits, and the will to fly hard through no-win scenarios.

It is my very favorite level.

I've had some truly excellent, serious games in there, even given what it is. Fantastic duels, contests of contrasting mastery.

And then there was this game.

The story of this game is one of brilliant strategic plays, glorious dodges, masterful flying, hard-won progress scratched out over many tough minutes . . . suddenly undone by a string of spawn kills and general nastiness. Multiple times. On both sides.

Which is to say, this was probably about the most Ascend x4 game I've ever played.

I'd love to see a demo or two of these games. - Entropy
Ditto that! - AOD_Hi
Ok. I'll put up a war journal for you. - Drakona
just brutal. Every kill. - LotharBot