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# 3bahamut20 14SoulJah# 1
"Nice Vulcan, GG!"
War Journal Entry
1st.. GG! Bahamut on the ball today.. Ill take you down later.. :D - -_-
congrats on #1, and a streak breaker. - LotharBot
Ok, Let's see the demos from both perspectives please. - Jediluke
someone accuse him so we can watch :) - AOD_Hi
Congrats b! - Strife
"Share the knowledge, compete on execution" - LotharBot, quoting Drakona, quoting Sirian, quoting Karash, quoting Glock21 - LotharBot
Spam vulcan to beat bubble - bahamut
Watching people fly is a big piece of the fun for a lot of folks. Certainly for me. As an awesome pilot, demos are probably the most valuable thing you have that you can give back to the community. - Drakona
It's wise not to share your demos IF you are hacking. Otherwise, share the fun. - Jediluke
should have been a pretty good game... congrats baha, i would like to have a match with you... - LoNi_
Ok, I've posted several demos on the forums - bahamut